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Sign-Up Redesign

Role:  UX Researcher & Designer


Optimize the user experience of our sign-up flow to minimize errors and provide transparency.


PointsBet is a cutting edge Australian online bookmaker that has recently entered the newly formed U.S. market. PointsBet continues to develop its in-house, global sportsbook platform and product offerings.

The User Journey

I met with key stakeholders and led a whiteboard session to identify the user flow and requirements.


I created a simple journey map of the user sign-up flow to visually illustrate our customers’ needs.

User Flow.png
User Flow Goals


  • Evaluate whether categorization of steps and form fields are logical and intuitive 

  • Analyze sign-up steps/order of the screens

  • Identify any confusion in relation to labels of form fields

Design Goals
  • Evaluate whether touchpoints are large enough for the user (on mobile)

  • Ensure accessibility (font colors and size)

  • Provide clear messaging


Updated Style Guide

My coworker and I recreated the current style guide to align with best modern design practices. Specifically, we investigated target size for buttons and forms on mobile devices. 

Forms Style Guide.png
Buttons Style Guide.png

Design Evolution

Throughout the iteration process, I conducted user tests to validate the user flow and design goals.

Design Ev1.png
Design Ev2.png

Prototype & User Testing

I used Invision to make interactive clickable prototypes and test my designs.


 Design MVP

Due to tech constraints, the updated style guide could not be immediately implemented. As a result, I designed a minimal viable product using the existing style guide and based on user feedback.

04c - terms&conditions toggles enabled c
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04_terms & Conditions Copy_iphone8spaceg
02_Verify Identity Copy 3_iphone8spacegr
03_Verify Location Copy 2_iphone8spacegr
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