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"One Place To Go"

Role: UX Designer

The UXD team created sample flows to test a concept called “One Place To Go,” which allows customers to view information about their interactions with Verizon including activities, calls, visits and communications.  

Voice of the Customer

 Currently there are several, fragmented ways for customers to get information on their Verizon account. We want to improve this “hunting for information” process in order to give customers the info they want, when and how they want it.


The team conducted user interviews to validate this need/idea and gather feedback on high-level inputs into the concept design. 


User Interviews


  • Validate need for “One Place To Go” idea – do customers feel the current pain? 

  • Understand and prioritize which need-state categories customers want to see in their "One Place To Go"

  • Understand how consumers want to interact with "One Place to Go" – especially around customization and alerts


In order to help customers understand the concept, we asked questions about how users interact with the app, prepared a card sorting activity and presented users with sample screen flows to role play scenarios. 

Below are the sample screen flows I created for each scenario:

Scenario 1: "My Offers"

Scenario 2: "Promotion Expiration"

Scenario 3: "Trade-in Tracker"


Customers didn't express a strong preference for having "One Place To Go."

Of the potential content, customers most strongly favored notifications about offers and alerts about expiring promotions and other billing-affect events.

"I would like to get notifications for things I need to know, especially financial."

"Actions required by me and notifications from Verizon need improvement"

- Customer Feedback