Role:  UX Researcher & Designer


Simplify and standardize the network outage/restoral notifications to improve customer experience, reduce IT expense and create a case-management-based architecture for future enhancements.


Network outages are a common pain point for customers, increasing incoming calls and leading to reduced customer satisfaction. The entire notification process has been rethought using case management. A new self-service setup of notifications in the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) has been implemented and the ACSS flow is being reworked. The UXD team prepared journey maps and UI designs as part of the requirements grooming of post-functionality.


The User Journey

Journey Map

I developed a simple journey map to visually illustrate our customers’ needs and display a series of interactions to fulfill those needs. The journey maps guided the design and helped our business partners get closer to the customer experience and feelings.

Case Management

We worked closely with our business partners to understand the case-management architecture and get a sense of the user flow before creating the designs.


My team and I created four different layouts for the Network Outage UI


The journey maps and layouts were part of the final UI framework that was implemented to create a more efficient customer experience.  



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