Role:  UX Researcher & Designer


Design intuitive interfaces for users of the University of Michigan School of Information Interaction Lab that would simplify the lab's check-in/check-out and room scheduling process.


The Interaction Lab investigates new methods, tools and technologies that enable users to interact with information in more natural and powerful ways. My project was part of my independent study during my last semester at the University of Michigan.



Identify User Goals

I worked closely with my professor to identify user needs and goals:

  • Check-in/Check-out

  • Room scheduling

  • Use of equipment in and out of the lab

  • Keeping individuals informed about events and meetings

  • Making the lab a space where people can work on their projects

Competitive Analysis

We gathered design inspiration from room panels used across the University of Michigan campus. 

Narrow Down the Scope

We compiled our research and narrowed down our scope. We decided to build a room panel interface that serves two functions:


  1. Users can easily check in and check out with the option of using a bar code

  2. Users can easily reserve the Interaction Lab for a specific amount of time



Room Scheduling


My professor reviewed and evaluated the flows and I received an "A" on the project.



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