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Deposit Flow Redesign

Role:  UX Designer


Increase conversion rate percentage from sign-up to deposit. 


One of my responsibilities at PointsBet is owning the customer conversion funnel from start (engaging with PointsBet for the first time) to finish (depositing into PointsBet account). This includes optimizing our UX/UI in order to achieve our conversion rate goal. 

The User Journey

Competitive Analysis

I gathered design inspiration from other sports bookmakers in the New Jersey market by analyzing their deposit landing screens and user flows. I also looked at mobile bank applications and Venmo for inspiration. 

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CA 2 Deposit.png

Identify Scenarios and Requirements

I brought stakeholder together and held a comprehensive whiteboard session. We discussed the many scenarios and intricacies around depositing. 

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Visualizing the Scenarios 

Different payment options require their own user flow. The challenge was mapping out all the possible user scenarios for each payment method. When designing for deposit, I considered various scenarios including: adding a new credit card, deleting a credit card and a returning user with saved credit cards.

Deposit Ideation.png

Ideation​ | Deposit Landing Screen

My original idea was to make the deposit landing screen simple and easy to read. But depositing in sports betting is complicated due to New Jersey state regulations. To provide transparency, each deposit method available to customers was clearly described with text. 

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Deposit Landing 2.png
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Use Case | Credit/Debit Card Method

Many banks ​do not accept online gaming transactions, which needed to be communicated to our customers. I provided clear messaging at the top of the page to warn users and direct them to another deposit method (Prepaid PointsBet Card). 

Our app appeals to frequent bettors; therefore this page was designed to be easy and intuitive. In this design, users select a tile for a deposit amount, which is based on user deposit data. The tile approach allows users to complete the deposit form quickly and start betting right away. 

CC Not Filled.png

Credit/debit card landing screen - not filled

CC filled - other deposit amount.png

User selects "other" deposit amount

CC Filled.png

User selects amount via tile


Due to several UI changes, including providing error messages and small notices and links to other deposit methods, PointsBet has seen a significant increase in successful deposits. We continue to make changes to the deposit UI based on backend data and customer feedback. 

Update: To deter users even further from using a credit/debit card to deposit, we went for a more aggressive approach to the design. 


Hide credit/debit card when user enters deposit landing page. Provide a clear"warning" message to users before they click into credit/debit card method. 


Provide another notice when users enter the credit/debit card method screen, informing them of top 5 banks that do not allow online gaming transactions.