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Customer Verification Screen

Role:  UX Designer


Create Customer Verification Screen for agents to limit the ability of unauthorized users who can access Verizon accounts


BGCO agents handle Verizon’s small- and large-business and government accounts. The BGCO business was experiencing an increase in fraud due to not having a secure customer verification process. 

The User Journey

Identify Scenarios and Requirements

We partnered with call center managers, business analysts and IT who provided us with detailed requirements and scenarios. We participated in weekly meetings and a process flow was created as a team.

User Scenario Example

As an agent when the Point of Contact (POC) does not authenticate in the IVR...


  • I will be notified that the POC is not authenticated

  • I will verify that the name the customer supplies is a name on the account

  • Be prompted to enter the password

  • Be presented with a customer role transaction matrix

  • Must acknowledge viewing the matrix before opening the account


Ideation Session to map out scenarios


Visualize the Scenario | Initial Wireframes


Notification that customer is not verified


Verify the customer calling


Be prompted to enter the password

Be presented with customer role transaction matrix

Design Challenge:


How to present information in the customer role transaction matrix in a clear and clean way that does not overwhelm the agent.

Customer role transaction matrix:


what transactions an agent can/cannot do on account based on the customer role

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 12.18.47

original transaction matrix


009 copy 5.jpg

Version 1

009 copy 7.jpg

Version 2


Verision 3

Design Solution

Created four columns to spread out information, bold text to identify categories, gray text and bullets to identify what transactions cannot be performed


Visualize the Scenario |  Final Designs