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Brand Marketing & Creative

Role:  UX Designer


Create eye catching marketing and creative designs that drive users to sign up on our website and/or mobile application.


One of my responsibilities at PointsBet is owning the customer conversion funnel from start (engaging with PointsBet for the first time) to finish (depositing into PointsBet account). This includes optimizing our UX/UI in order to achieve our conversion rate goal.  The pages I created below assist in optimizing the beginning of the customer journey - engaging with PointsBet for the first time. 

Marketing Landing Pages

Phase 1

The goal was to headline our sign up offer, provide 3 key reasons why users should sign up with PointsBet and have one clear call to action: "sign up now." 

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Phase 2

Once our product gained customer trust and credibility, we took a simple and clean design approach to our landing pages. The landing pages below headline our offer and provide a large call to action to drive users to our site. We maintained our trust and credibility by adding publications our product was featured in. 

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Drive New Users to Sign Up 

New User Homepage Pop Up 

To increase sign ups, I designed a pop up for new users entering our site on mobile or desktop. The design highlights our sign-up offer and our UI and includes a clear call to action. By implementing this pop up, we hope to drive users straight to the sign up page, ultimately increasing our conversion rate. 

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Brand Partner Offers

Hole-In-One Topgolf ​Pre Registration Page

In January 2019, PointsBet hosted Hole-In-One competition at Topgolf . If you hit a hole-in-one, you would receive $25,000. To promote the event, PointsBet ran a pre-registration offer where users signed up with PointsBet before the event to double their chances of winning $25,000. This pre-registration page was pushed to our user base through various social media channels. 

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iphone 8 Pre-registration Page_iphone8sp